Growing Up: Jose Covarrubias was born in El Paso, Texas and raised in Juarez, Mexico.  He attended school in Mexico until the 6th grade, then attended 6th through 12th grade in El Paso, Texas.  He remembers crossing the border to get to school each day. He is the youngest child with one older sister and brother. When he was younger, Jose practiced boxing for four years, Wushu Kung Fu for a year, and participated in competitive fights over the five-year period. He has considered Colorado home for the last 12 years and intends to stay here long term.  In Juarez, Jose owns a home and returns frequently to expand the house for additional rooms and living space.  He is also saving to purchase a home in Colorado.

Jose is a stellar example of the people we would like to surrounded ourselves, dedicated, humble and always improving.  We are so glad he is part of our team and congratulations to Jose on his 10 year anniversary! 

Jake Gilmore, President/CEO


He loves to travel, outdoor activities and eating good food:  Jose has traveled to most of Mexico to include Cancun, Tulum, Mexico City.  Additionally he has visited Guatemala, Honduras, Belize, and Costa Rica. He also enjoys road trips through old colonial Mexico, has an upcoming trip to Zion National Park this summer, and a trip to Cancun is planned for this fall.  While in Colorado, Jose can be found snowboarding, hiking, and camping. He is a huge Arnold Schwarzenegger fan and loves all of his movies.  People often refer to him as a foodie expert because he can tell you where to find the best ribs, sushi, and wings. According to him, Shannahan’s restaurant has the best NY strip, Happa’s Sushi has the best sushi and he drives to Fort Collins for Jimmy’s wings because they make delicious homemade ranch and you can buy it by the gallon.

It’s been a great 10-year run to have Jose as part of our Field Services Team.  He is always in demand and well respected by everyone in the company.  Congratulations on your 10-year anniversary.  Looking forward to many years to come for both Jose and Gilmore. 

Bob Bustos, VP of Operations

Most memorable jobs for Jose at Gilmore:  One of his first jobs was working at a Denver County Jail project. He explained it was a difficult job because it was challenging physically and unique working within the County Jail and learning all the safety protocol .  Most recently, he enjoyed a project at the Denver Zoo because he was working next to penguins walking around and near him each day.

Jose is one of the most reliable and dedicated individuals at Gilmore Construction.  His willingness to dive into any task given to him shows his dedication to his job and also his personal growth.  I am happy to have worked with Jose on many projects and even prouder to call him a friend. Thank you for your 10 years and I look forward to many more together! 

Justin Gilmore, Director of Business Development

Congratulations Jose on your ten years at Gilmore Construction!