Industries We Serve


We have provided services to the federal government for many years. We expertly navigate its exacting standards and are highly familiar with its emphasis on sustainable building; buying-green requirements; and energy, water, and waste-reduction goals.


Construction in the healthcare industry is often complex and requires precision and expert attention to details, including facility security and staffing needs. Gilmore never loses sight that patient care comes first, and resulting spaces must support desired treatment and health outcomes.

Airports & Transportation

As metro Denver’s rapid population and economic growth continues, so, too, does its need for infrastructure. Gilmore’s clients include Denver International Airport and the Regional Transportation District.


Gilmore understands how to work with architects, educators and key community stakeholders to plan for and build schools and other learning environments that educate and inspire students. Improving and maintaining existing school buildings and other campus facilities is also a big key to learning success, so we provide long-term support services to school districts, including Denver Public Schools.

Civic & Recreational

We’re especially proud to work for the public good, and we recognize responsible building requires sensitivity to the impact construction can have on communities. Gilmore has a strong track record of working within communities to inform and receive buy-in from all key stakeholders before building world-class facilities, such as libraries, recreation centers, churches and offices to support nonprofit organizations.


Our work for corporate clients always begins with an understanding of their unique business needs, culture and long-term vision. Gilmore’s experienced builders understand how to achieve business goals and maximize return on construction investment. Our specialization in renovation and tenant finishes and our ability to self-perform much of that work helps guarantee quick project turnarounds and holds down costs.


When speed to market really matters, Gilmore moves quickly, efficiently — and without compromising quality. Retail construction also typically requires special attention to corporate requirements and an array of public-safety concerns — so we invite you to read more about our commitment to safety on the job.