In 2010, Mike joined the Gilmore team and developed into Gilmore’s Design-Build-Sr. Project Manager.  He works seamlessly across various industries within Gilmore, including projects ranging from $100,000 to $30M. His primary focus is interior renovations and tenant finish work, where he completed several design-build, multi-phase renovations of occupied spaces, including offices, airports, hospitals, and data centers. In 2017, he received the “Gilmore Way Award”, a prestigious award given to one person, nominated by peers and the leadership team for exemplary contributions and service and for demonstrating “Gilmore Core Values.”

“Congratulations Mike for your 10 years of service and dedication to Gilmore Construction. Many more projects on the horizon to add to your career at Gilmore as we move into the next decade.”
Bob Bustos, Vice President of Operations

Personal Life: In 2009, Mike met Tara and eventually married in 2014. The two met through a border collie rescue group. Today, all but two of their animals are rescues. Tara grew up on a farm with horses and she showcased her horses in competitions.  They now live on a ranch where she grew up and they enjoy a simple lifestyle taking care of their 11 babies: five Border Collies, three working barn cats and three horses.

“Mike’s dedication to his profession and to Gilmore Construction has not only propelled his career but elevated the overall reputation of our entire organization. He has always been a person that gives his best effort to the team and project. He is a key leader in the company’s future, and I hope the next 10 years are as enjoyable and productive as his first 10 years. Thank you Mike for all you have given to Gilmore Construction”.  Jake Gilmore, President/CEO

Looking Back: Mike recalls, Gilmore’s United Airlines Restack Project as a career highlight because it demonstrated the importance of maintaining client relationships.  Through Restack, Mike and his team established Gilmore as a key player at Denver International Airport. Gilmore initially began working for United on a smaller kitchen renovation. Mike and his team continuously impressed the new client through successful execution of various “little projects” and built a solid and trusting partnership with United.  In 2012, the Restack solicitation was posted, and Gilmore submitted our proposal.  Even though our bid was not the lowest, United chose our team due to the established relationship.   Upon completion in 2014, Restack was Gilmore’s largest project to date.  Restack presented unique challenges, including leading a team of five superintendents to manage a 24-hour operation and turning over 24 different phases to the client with a tight schedule. The team successfully navigated challenges and the job finished on time and exceeded the client’s expectations.  Almost 10 years later, Gilmore continues to have a strong presence at the airport and with United managing a variety of projects.  The Restack project led Mike and Gilmore to its next largest project, the Denver Federal Center Building 67 Renovation and Consolidation. This design-build project and earned a national DBIA Merit award for Gilmore in 2020.  As Mike continues his career with Gilmore, we thank him for his dedication and commitment to the Gilmore story of “A Higher Standard”.