Gilmore Construction and JLThompson Dance Ensemble continue to make a difference in the community!

On Sunday, Jake, Edweena and Justin Gilmore helped local eigth graders Jalaya Gilmore, Xiomata and Nadia from McAuliffe Middle School address hunger and poverty as part of their year end project by making 110 sandwiches they passed out to the homeless at the Denver Rescue Mission downtown. They were able to make the sandwiches with $150 they had fundraised. The students also recruited four students from the JLThompson Dance Ensemble (Tahnayah Hunt, Kyla Hunt, Karissma Hunt and Josias Gilmore).



The children also passed out leftover lunchmeat to those there, asking them to pay it forward. The homeless thanked the children and said that they were hungry and had not had anything to eat yet that day because the Rescue Mission only services dinner to the public and not breakfast or lunch.


“Many people were so grateful that the girls brought food for them, they said ‘Bless YOU,'” Edweena Gilmore wrote.  “The students were amazed and felt very blessed to have fed (more than) 100 people that morning.”