The Gilmore Way Award is much more than just a beautiful plaque hung in the left wing of Gilmore Construction’s Denver offices. It is solid evidence of the “Higher Standard” our company meets every day because of professionals like Jesus Morales.

By unanimous vote of his peers and Gilmore’s management, Mr. Morales is the winner of the inaugural Gilmore Way Award of 2014. He joined Gilmore in 2001 after persistently showing up at the office every day for a week until Chief Executive Officer Jake Gilmore agreed to find some work for him. Mr. Morales, a former vice president of a bank in his native Mexico, moved to the United States to expand his professional opportunities and improve his quality of life. In the last 14 years, he has become a favorite among Gilmore clients and his colleagues for many reasons — including his cheerful embrace of one of our favorite sayings: “Practice doesn’t make perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect.”

“He has done everything we’ve ever needed,” Jake Gilmore said. “He came to us as a basic laborer, but he worked hard to teach himself everything he needs to know. For example, once we needed a tile job done, and Jesus dove right in, studied hard and learned how to lay tile. Countless times, he has been there for us, willing to work extra hours to get things done and ensure they’re done right. He knows what it takes to be successful. He has become a jack-of-all-trades — and he’s really good at his trades.”

Added Edweena Gilmore, our company’s co-founder and executive vice president: “Jesus is very attentive and accommodating — and when he leaves a job site, he leaves nothing undone. When we asked our staff who deserved this first Gilmore Way Award, one name came up repeatedly — and it was his. Jesus is just a shining example for all of us.”

Communication is one of the 14 foundational principles defining the Gilmore Way. The others are commitment, ownership, integrity, excellence, success, education, teamwork, balance, fun, systems, consistency, gratitude and abundance. While Mr. Morales honors so many of these principles, he recently cited “communication” as perhaps his chief focus.

“Communication is everything,” he said. “Sometimes, if you say nothing to your customers, they will assume something is wrong and call the company about things you usually can deal with yourself on a job site. I know that whatever I can do better for our customers, I will try to do — but a commitment to communication is how we build that kind of trusting, working relationship.”