As a successful construction company, we know the benefits of social media marketing and social selling.

In a recent edition of the Engineering News-Record, Scott Butcher.vice president and CMO of JDB Engineering, lays out why social selling and social media marketing are so important for modern-day construction companies.

“But why would you want to use social selling?  Here’s a few reasons:

– Buyers of A/E/C services have become more sophisticated
– Clients are increasingly seeking out thought leaders to lead their projects
– Millennials are moving into decision-making positions, and they are more likely to be using social media
– Social selling elevates your personal brand
– Social selling also enhances your website Search Engine Optimization (SEO), increasing traffic

According to Kelly Riggs, a sales and management consultant to the A/E/C industry as well as founder of The Business LockerRoom, ‘Selling has changed dramatically with the introduction of social media.  Social media allows for a greater awareness of both buyer and seller, since both are likely using social media tools.  Social media also allows for more direct marketing efforts and for more highly targeted marketing efforts.'”

He even lays out some specifics to how companies can be successful:

“- Create a robust online personal presence
– Determine the type of people you want to reach, and develop a strategy
– Use social tools for intelligence gathering
– Provide a steady stream of content to engage your network
– Create new relationships and enhance existing ones”