Gilmore is a champion of educational programs that engage young urban youth in meaningful ways and is why we support Environmental Learning for Kids, which helps students to become educated, active participants in their communities through leadership development, mentorship and long-term relationships.

The Denver-based non-profit serves more than 5,000 underserved , urban youth from age 5-25 every year in Denver and Aurora with intensive in-school and after-school programs that focuses on traditionally overlooked and under-encouraged in science and science-related careers, including youth of color and females.

ELK provides science education and leadership development with a real-life context in Colorado’s outdoors. The organization focuses on increasing academic science skills, getting them exposed to careers in natural resources and having them become more involved in their communities. “They grow into stewards and engaged citizens, while cultivating strong educational values to ensure high school and college graduation,” says the ELK website.