Gilmore appreciates organizations that further the development of young people — especially young people of color. That’s why we support The Colorado Beautillion, an enrichment program for the state’s premier high school students from all cultures and backgrounds.

The Colorado Beautillion, based in Aurora, is a youth mentoring program designed to equip high school juniors and seniors with important life skills and to prepare them to be successful leaders and role models.

It was founded and is mentored by some of the state’s most distinguished clergy, professionals and community leaders with the mission to find the hidden jewels in every community. Youth who often haven’t had many opportunities to advance their education and recreational interests are rewarded with the chance to make significant contributions in their communities. Participants are exposed to prominent professionals, rigorous workshops and activities they find challenging and, we hope, rewarding.

At the end of each school year, participants are invited to a gala, where their high school achievements, community service, athletic talents and social accomplishments are highlighted — before they attend an elegant dance.