The Denver Metro Chamber Leadership Foundation is looking for new members — and we at Gilmore Construction urge you to check out this fantastic opportunity.

Edweena Gilmore, our executive vide president, is among the outstanding community leaders who have completed the foundation’s most recent season of leadership training. The 11-month program seeks to diversify the metro Denver area’s leadership base — and to equip those leaders with the information and insight needed to strengthen the region’s success. You can read more about the program’s vision and goals here.

“This will change your life on multiple levels — including the realms of business development and personal growth” she said. “As I leave this phenomenal leadership program, I have a far richer, more informed outlook on the City and County of Denver’s challenges and successes.

Today, I have a much better sense of how I can make a positive impact.”

“I definitely want to pass this experience along to people who I know will take full advantage of it,” Edweena added.