United Airlines, Concourse B OONE and RIDS Installation

Gilmore served as the general contractor on this project to rebuild and extend United Airlines’ Outdoor Operations Network and Ramp Information Display System at DEN’s Concourse B.

The outdoor digital display system helps pilots finalize their approach to gates and jet bridges. We completed required demolition and assisted with the installation of nearly 26 miles of CAT 6 cabling and Network Interface Enclosures (NIEs) to support United’s new network, affecting 68 gates (including 57 jet bridges). The project required upgraded cabling and the installation of entirely new cabling, NIEs and ramp displays in the north and south fingers of the concourse. The project’s challenges included access to NIEs and installation of four different kinds of NIE units —
which meant special attention to fabrication and packing to ensure our team’s efficient installation.

At A Glance

  • Project Owner: United Airlines
  • Where: Denver International Airport (DEN)
  • Completed: August 2016