U.S. Air Force Academy | Cadet Gymnasium Renovation

Each day, thousands of students at the U.S. Air Force Academy enter the campus’ gymnasium, a four-level facility that’s largely underground and overlooks the academy’s sports fields. Gilmore was charged with a phased renovation requiring major demolition and many structural modifications.

Because this was an existing structure, we encountered several unforeseen issues. However, we worked closely with architects and engineers to recommend the best value for the changes to plan that were made. Those changes helped ensure this project was completed on time, with Gilmore turning over rooms as we completed them.

The project’s objective was renovation and updating of the Cadet gym’s interior spaces that included architectural, interior, structural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire alarm / fire protection and communications work. Phase 1 started in 2007, Phase 2 followed 2008-10, and Phase 3 was completed 2010-2011. Gilmore joined the project during Phases 4 and 5.

Our work involved three levels of the gymnasium. We fully renovated those spaces, removing older athletic facilities and constructing new training rooms for different sports and the athletic department’s needs. Gilmore constructed new areas for wrestling and combat, a shooting range, new locker rooms, trophy presentation displays and spaces for general physical training.

Extensive structural demolition and asbestos abatement were required before structural reconstruction. We also significantly upgraded mechanical and electrical systems. We replaced the patio roofing membrane because patio stones needed to be removed and reinstalled. We also removed the plaza roof system and replaced it after a new, clear span joist system was installed as part of the structural modifications. We installed new electrical; lighting; communications; plumbing; and HVAC distribution systems; and many new finishes, including seven separate floor systems and equipment for the new facilities.

We contained our work for Phases 4 and 5 within the existing building on Levels A, B, and C, and we performed minor amounts of site work outside the building. Phase 4 was located in the northwest area of the building, and Phase 5 was located in the northeast area of the building.

During our work, this massive sports facility remained in operation. We carefully phased and coordinated with the USAF’s Athletic Department to preserve building access in a manner that protected visitor safety and allowed us to work most efficiently.

About the project

  • Where: Building 2170, Cadet Area, United Air Force Academy, CO
  • Completed: December 2012 to March 2014
  • Size: 457,300 square feet