RTD | On-Call Contract

Gilmore is one of four general contractors selected to provide support services for RTD as the agency continues its aggressive construction and expansion of commuter and light-rail lines throughout metro Denver. Our work has included civil infrastructure projects that have required heavy earth moving.

At A Glance

  • Project Owner: RTD Denver
  • Where: Throughout Metro Denver
  • Dates: March 2013-2017
  • MWBE participation: This contract requires 35 percent participation. To date, Gilmore has exceeded that requirement.

An Example

Arvada Detention Pond

August 2013-January 2014; Restart July 2015-December 2015

Construction of RTD’s new commuter Gold Line from Denver Union Station to Arvada required new ways to control surface drainage directly related to the line. The solution required the creation of a 6-acre detention pond on an 11-acre site.

Breakdowns in intergovernmental-agency negotiations delayed the completion of this project. Gilmore suspended operations for 18 months while terms and conditions were established.

As a stop-gap measure, Gilmore constructed a temporary sedimentation berm to prevent upstream water from compromising yet-to-be constructed downstream water channels from the eventual detention pond.

During the operation’s suspension, heavy rains in the spring of 2015 drove up water levels to overflow.

Water had drained into a nearby electrical substation and into the parking lot of a neighboring car dealership. Gilmore’s team mobilized quickly to alleviate the drainage, which was no easy task — and we mitigated problems within five hours of receiving the first call for help from RTD.

When the project’s operations finally resumed, Gilmore had to drain half of the pond’s volume so it could proceed to build out the balance of the pond. Despite the challenges of this project, Gilmore continues to maintain a strong and productive working relationship with RTD.