Denver Water Distribution Office Remodel

The office remodel  consisted of two levels which required a demolition of all interior finishes and infrastructure.  After demolition, there were unforeseen environmental hazards which required mitigation prior to the reconstruction of office space.  Some of the existing infrastructure was in good condition and we suggested it could be salvaged. Cost savings were provided to the owner through salvaging
existing structural systems, electrical systems, HVAC and plumbing systems.

Working with the design team some finishes were updated to give a modern look to the building. The new finishes provided a cost savings and helped meet the sustainability requirements for the project.  Once the interior office space was completed the high bay and the exterior where updated. The high bay was modified to accept new high-end automated inventory equipment and add additional high lumens but low cost lighting. Finally, the exterior was given a face lift to match the new design standards for the campus.

The Denver Water Operations Complex Redevelopment project purpose is to provide a more efficient, publicly accessible and sustainable headquarters. The city’s goal is to build a modern site that improves the efficiency, functionality, security and safety of all operations while incorporating sustainability measures as a LEED certified project.

At A Glance

  • Project Owner: Denver Water
  • Where: Denver, CO
  • Completed:February 2018