Denver International Airport Hotel Enabling Project

Gilmore served as a subcontractor to Kiewit Building Group, which was responsible for the overarching Enabling Project. We completed several task orders for Kiewit, including the following:

DIA Tangent Retaining Wall

A portion of the new commuter train access line leading to DIA’s new Westin Hotel required construction of a 30-foot-high retaining wall that is part of a larger system calling for a series of 60-inch caissons as the primary structural containment.

  • Where: Denver International Airport
  • Completed: May 2013
  • MWBE Participation: 35%
  • Self-Performed Work: 35%

DIA Retaining Wall A&B

A small retaining wall system with the same architectural features that match the precast panels was needed at the West garage access. Specialized panel forms for a cast-in-place wall system were fabricated for this retaining wall system.

  • Where: Denver International Airport
  • Completed: April 2014
  • MWBE Participation: 100%
  • Self-Performed Work: 100%