City and County of Denver, On-Call Construction Services

Gilmore served the City and County in a pool with eight other contractors. We have performed nearly 30 projects to date in and around several city and county buildings, including fire stations, police stations, libraries, museums and recreation centers.

The scope of our work has included renovations; mechanical equipment replacement; roofing replacement; general architectural refresh and some site improvements, such as concrete and asphalt replacement.

Gilmore managed many of these projects concurrently, using a dedicated project manager to shepherd this contract. Based on workload demands, up to three superintendents have been assigned to run projects simultaneously. Gilmore’s staff routinely meets with City and County representatives of several agencies.

At A Glance

  • Project Owner: City and County of Denver
  • Where: Throughout the City and County of Denver
  • Completed: March 2016
  • MWBE participation: Gilmore exceeded the minimum, required 15 percent. To date,
    we have exceeded 20 percent participation.

An example

Denver Museum of Nature and Science Parking Garage Remediation

September-October 2013

Because of water in filtration in the museum’s parking garage, several structural components had deteriorated. Gilmore was charged with the removal and replacement of concrete sidewalks, installation of new waterproofing at garage elevators, adjustment of drainage patterns and repairs to post-tension beams and handrail systems.

Gilmore focused on the only ramp leading into the garage. The ramp — which is the only way the public can enter the garage for parking — required repairs and new coatings that initially called for a seven-day cure period.

Concerned about the inaccessibility to the garage, Gilmore and its speciality subcontractor developed another solution that allowed access to the garage within 48 hours.